Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Personal Sigs: Destiny

Well, I decided to play Ragnarok Online again, but this time on a private server. The server I play on is Limitless RO, with the rates 50x/50x/30x. When I made an account on this server, I also registered as a member in the server's online forum. And of course, I made an avatar/signature set for myself! :D

Please click the image to view full size.
Also, here's the matching avatar:
My characters on the server are the following:
  • High Priest (Himajin's Buff Slave) : -destiny-
  • Gypsy (The Hunt Freak) : -despair-
  • Alchemist (Vend slave): -desire-
If I'm not as lazy (and as soon as I have DSL at home), I'm going to make a champion and a Wizard and other job classes... And I'm gonna name them using names of the remaining Endless (From the Sandman Series): -delirium-, -death-, -dream-, -destruction-.

BTW, the image I used is from the Pepper Love art series.