Monday, September 22, 2008

Ragnarok Sigs

Back when I was still addicted to Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO), my hobby was to make sigs for my guildmates. I was a member of the guild "Oracle" in Loki server. Here are some of the sigs I could find from way back then... (I couldn't find most of the sigs I made... they're all in my other laptop and I'm too lazy to copy them >_<). Please click the thumbnails to view the images.

I made this sig for my guildmate in pRO - Loki server. Her character is a priestess and she's known as the "hottest" in our guild.

I made this sig to display all of my characters in Loki. From L-R, they are: -destiny- (high priest), desire* (champion), -despair- (Blacksmith -- now a Whitesmith), -delirium- (alchemist), mochaccino (rogue -- hacked), and `NataLie (professor)

My first characters in Loki: guillemet (priest), mochaccino (rogue), and Oot-chan (merchant)

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