Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anime Sigs: Bleach

Here's another set of Anime Sigs from the popular series, Bleach. I actually made these for my clanmates in one of the games I'm currently addicted to: MonstersGame. I used to play in 3 different servers but because of my work, I have decided to just concentrate on Server 4. Come visit me if you'd like! ^__^

Anyway, I'm a member of a clan of Werewolves, and three of my mates (plus me, and another one who changes names between Hitsugaya Toshiro and Crystys and Toshiro) have names from the Bleach series: Kurosaki Ichigo, Grimmjaw, Zaraki Kenpachi (retired). So I got inspired to make them sigs when I read the Arrancar arc of the manga (more kick a$$ fighting happens yahoo!).

Please click the thumbnails for a better view of the images:

Zarake Kenpachi: I was experimenting with the "quake" effect

Kurosaki Ichigo: My favorite sig! The black with the eyes background looks so nasty! In contrast to the person behind the character who is very gentle and sweet.

Zarake Kenpachi: I made this almost the same time as I made the Zaraki Kenpachi sig. That's because I found really cool fonts hehe

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